The World That Works (TWTW) is a new web broadcast interview show focused on organized labor, social activists and thought leaders. The show is produced by Life On Earth Media in San Francisco using Zoom and YouTube technonogy for a national and global audience.

2020 is a critical time for the US and global labor movement. Poverty and inequality are destroying the fabric of America and the world. Technological developments are displacing workers jobs but also empowering them with new opportunities for connection, information, and organizing. New forms of workers organizing are gaining power even though corporations now have excessive control over workplaces, politics, laws, and the economy.

The World That Works is dedicated to supporting workers, activists, and union leaders who are fighting for a path forward with new initiatives and organizing strategies. Our mission is to bring their stories and important best practices to an expanded audience. Our goal is to be a valuable tool for organizing and action on the issues that matter most to union members and working people.

The World That Works has its roots in years of work with Working Media a project of the Instituto workers center in San Francisco


Contact: Brian Webster, Producer